Real estate due diligence when you buy, what does flood insurance cover?, home sales woes


What does flood insurance cover?

Real Estate Tip:

Before you buy a previously owned property, call the local utility companies to try to get historical gas, electrical and water usage info.  This will help you more accurately predict your operating expenses

Real Estate Insights:

Home sales woes: Fewer people moving out [View Article]: The 2 things that affect residential real estate the most are new household formation and income.  Since income has enormous influence on new household formation, it’s really income that drives real estate and the economy.  The key to income growth is jobs—particularly jobs for young people entering or trying to enter the workforce for the first time as well as older displaced workers.   Unfortunately, in the U.S., we’re still missing 1.3 million full-time jobs since the beginning of the recession.  Household formation will remain tepid until younger people are able to get the jobs and additional income required to move out and form new households.