Gerald speaking to the National Association of Best-Selling Authors in Hollywood, California.

Gerald speaking to the National Association of Best-Selling Authors in Hollywood, California.

Gerald awarded the  EXPY® Award  for Outstanding Public Speaking in NYC's Time Square. 

Gerald awarded the EXPY® Award for Outstanding Public Speaking in NYC's Time Square. 

Gerald Lucas is an internationally recognized keynote speaker. Gerald Lucas’ speaking engagements have spanned the globe from North America to Europe, from Asia to Australia. Whether it’s a keynote address or a smaller more intimate event, Gerald always delivers the goods, consistently leaving audiences thoroughly satisfied and pleading for more. Whether it is to kick things off at the beginning of an event off or to wrap things up at the end of an exciting session, Gerald has demonstrated his unique talent to fine-tune his message to exceed the requirements of his event sponsors and audience.



 How Passion & Perseverance Power Profits

Looking back over my life and work experiences, I've come to realize that I've accomplished the most when I was able to combine passion with perseverance; and as I chronicled in the the best-selling book, "Dare To Succeed" that I co-authored with Jack Canfield, I am convinced that passion and perseverance are the keys to enduring success.

Passion gives you the spark to get started and perseverance gives you the will and the strength to endure temporary failure.

So, what is passion? Passion is a powerful and compelling emotion or feeling.

You've got to have real heartfelt passion to make customers care about your product or service.

As Warren Buffett said, "The greatest thing about being passionate about your work is that it really isn't a job; it's fun"

Passion = greater productivity, and greater productivity powers higher profits.

What is perseverance? Perseverance is the virtue we use to keep striving to achieve our goals. Perseverance is the act of persisting to do something in spite of challenges, obstacles and disappointments.  Perseverance enables us to improve and enhance our capabilities, achieve our goals and build our confidence. Perseverance is the one quality that can help you achieve anything you want and like any skill, yes you can develop perseverance.

If you're satisfied with your current business results then you can afford to ignore this message, but If you're not satisfied you can't afford not to find out how this powerful message of Passion & Perseverance can transform your work and your life.


 How Real Estate Professionals Must Adapt To Changing Markets

I've been a real estate professional for almost 20 years.  In How Real Estate Professionals Must Adapt to Changing Markets, I reveal in detail what residential real estate professionals MUST do to adapt to changing market conditions.  I predicted many of today's biggest demographic and real estate market shifts and I was able to do that not because I'm clairvoyant, but because I continually monitor the markets I work in and I keep an ever present eye on the horizon for disruptive forces that will inevitably alter the real estate business and I can teach you how to do the same thing.  

I have operated my real estate business through all 4 stages of the entire real estate cycle: recovery, expansion, hyper supply and recession so I can recognize the signs when a real estate market is about to move from one phase to another.  Although the duration of real estate cycles is not always the same, the sequence of the 4 phases is and I will share with you how to tell when you're close to an inflection point when a major shift in the market is about to occur. If you're in the real estate business and you're not aware of where we are, where we've been and where we're going, you put yourself at a disadvantage.

When was the last time you saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex outside of a museum?! And they used to rule the earth.  Change never stops-it's constant and inevitable so being surprised by change in real estate is like watching the movie "Titantic" for the third time and saying to yourself "boy I hope that boat's gonna be ok".  

Social media, online advertising, automation, MLS consolidation, the growth of Zillo, Trulia and other real estate platforms--think any of these trends have affected the the real estate business?!

In order to not only survive but to thrive in real estate, you have to get ahead of the curve so you can be proactive not reactive and in this keynote, I'm going to walk you through how to do that step-by-step.


                                      Essential Negotiating Techniques For Work & Life                                                                     

Contrary to popular belief, successful negotiating is not a game where the winner takes all and the loser is left penniless cowering on the floor. Successful negotiation is not about manipulation or bullying. The most successful negotiators make sure there are no losers--because if there are losers, there's a problem-this is how deals fall apart and personal reputations get damaged.

In business as well as in life, we need the cooperation of others in order to be successful. Each party and person brings something of value to the negotiating table. Successful negotiators build bridges to agreements where everybody wins.

Many people are intimidated by the thought of negotiating, but negotiation skills help you manage relationships in life and at work with friends, relatives, colleagues and customers and ultimately proven, practical negotiating techniques improve a business' bottom line.

For over the past 20 years, I've successfully negotiated hundreds of business transactions. In Essential Negotiating Techniques for Work and For Life, which I can present as a keynote or a workshop, I reveal among other things:

• How To Read People-In Person Or Over The Phone
• How To Decode Hidden Messages In Conversations
• How To Recognize Various Negotiating Styles In Other People
• How To Discover What Is Really Most Important To The Other Person And How To Recognize When That Person Probably Isn't Telling The Truth
• The Preparation That Is Crucial To Getting What You Want---That's The Due Diligence That Should Be Done Before Negotiation Even Starts

Audiences will leave with practical negotiating strategies and techniques that can immediately be put to use.


Become The Architect Of Your Future: Live Without Limits

I often hear people say that they are too old to do one thing or another. They'll say, "I'd do it, but I'm too old now." I can't help but speculate that many of these same folks at some point in the past used being too young as an excuse not to not take some action.
Being sick or injured is a legitimate reason not to engage in certain activities, but having been walking around on the planet a little longer than other people is not a legitimate reason to stop living.

Age is a relative measure and has little meaning in and of itself-it's just a number. A nine year old is old to a five year old--so what. The only two states that matter are alive and dead. If you are alive, you have more time and aren't too old to do what you decide to do.

Despite what many people mistakenly believe, our brains are elastic and flexible throughout our lives. As neuroscientist, Michael Merzenich said, "you name the ability and you can drive improvement out of it independent of age."

Why would we ever tell ourselves that we're too old to do what we'd like to do? There are enough barriers in the world already, there's no need for you to invent more out of thin air.

The real problem we face isn't aging, it's excuse-making. When we are children, we have less choices--we normally don't get to decide whether we want to go to school for example. As adults, the additional freedom we get we often squander when we choose to be complacent. In order to thrive and be truly fulfilled, we have to resist adult onset laziness so we can live without limits.


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