Managing your property manager-contracts, terms, roles & responsibilities, spring real estate forecast


Property management-5 essential contract clauses 

Real Estate Tip:

If you choose to hire a property management company to manage your real estate, make sure you require the individual or company to sign a written agreement that spells out roles, responsibilities & payment terms

Real Estate Insights:

3 reasons THIS spring could save chilled housing [View Article]: The nasty winter weather we’ve unfortunately had to endure over the last few months has negatively affected real estate activity.  In my state of New Jersey, we had 13 snow storms in January and February!  The good news is that significant snow and bad weather only affects home sales temporarily.  Housing demand just gets pushed a little further into the future---buyers who didn’t make offers in the middle of winter because they were snowed in don’t suddenly change their minds about buying—they just wait until the weather breaks.    This bodes well for real estate sales this spring.