Will a new kitchen increase your home value?, bank-owner property (REOs), cash home sales


Will A New Kitchen Increase Your Home Value? 

Real Estate Tip:

Be careful when you make offers to purchase bank-owned property, also known as REOs because there is no previous owner compelled to disclose problems like a leaky roof or oil tank.  You must do your own homework which includes a property inspection--the bank will only give you clear title to the property.

Real Estate Insights:

All Cash Homes Sales Hit Record High [View Article]: Cash purchases for homes are at all-time highs for two primary reasons: 1) more wealthy foreign buyers see US real estate as a safe place to park assets 2) a low interest rate environment has institutional buyers chasing higher returns wherever they can find them.  Despite increased competition for real estate, you should never allow the fear of losing a deal trick you into paying too much for a property.  There will always be new buying opportunities-- patience is the key to sound real estate investing.