The real cost of mortgage refinance, how to remove pet odor, NJ distressed mortgages


How do I remove pet odor from a house? 

Real Estate Tip:

Get a great loan when you buy so you don't NEED to refinance; if rates improve and refinancing makes sense, aim to do so only once--serial refinancing can be expensive, wasteful & financially destructive

Real Estate Insights:

NJ leads nation in share of distressed mortgages [View Article]: New Jersey is among several ‘judicial’ states in the US that process foreclosures in the court system.  This judicial review provides a layer of protection for struggling homeowners, giving them with more time to avoid foreclosure by working out loan modifications or by selling their homes via a negotiated settlement called a short sale.  One consequence of this policy is much higher numbers of New Jersey homes in active or pre-foreclosure.  The actual number of distressed homes varies enormously from city to city within New Jersey based on income and unemployment levels as well as local housing demand. The higher number of distressed homes also provides buying opportunities for savvy buyers and investors.