Can we back out of a signed purchase contract? real estate document due diligence, why Millennials rent


 Can we back out of a signed purchase contract? 

Real Estate Tip:

In a real estate transaction, don’t accept any piece of important data that is provided to you until you’ve gotten third party confirmation of it (i.e. lease-verified rental income numbers)

 Real Estate Insights:

Why Millenials Rent [View Article]: A lot has been written recently about the changing attitudes among Millenials regarding home ownership.  This change is obviously driven primarily by current economic and credit realities in the US.  The desire for home ownership is high among Millenials like previous generations, however, current economic circumstances make buying more difficult.  Income ultimately drives everything in our economy—the American Dream of home ownership is alive and well but for many in the Millenial generation it is a dream deferred.