Functional Obsolescence, How To Rent Property Fast, Fannie-Freddie 1st Time Home Buyer 'first-look' period


How Do I Rent My Property Fast?

Real Estate Tip:

Avoid poorly designed homes--this is often referred to as functional obsolescence.  Functional obsolescence reduces the desirability of your home and makes it more difficult to sell.  Here are some examples that you should steer clear of: 
1) One outlet per room
2) Bedrooms with no closest
3) No bathrooms on first floor
4) Knob-and-tube wiring or fuses instead of a circuit breaker box   

Real Estate Insights:

Fannie, Freddie give non-investor home buyers 'first look' period [View Article]: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are giving first time homeowners an additional 5 day head start on investors to make offers on some of its properties.  First time homeowners now have 20 days with no competition from investors to view houses and submit bids.  Some of the property listings also come with attractive mortgage terms like 5% down payments and no mortgage insurance.  Fannie Mae’s listings can be found on and Freddie Mac’s listings on