G Letter - SUMMER 2018 - Now Is Always The Right Time

“Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin” Victor Kiam


The biggest obstacle to accomplishing your goals isn’t lack of money, personal connections, skill or experience.  The biggest obstacle to you getting what you want done is procrastination. Every goal or task you set out to accomplish can be broken into 2 parts: 1) part one is thinking about doing it 2) part 2 is actually doing it.  Part 1 is easy and effortless, part 2 creates more natural resistance that you must confront if you really want to get something done.  Waiting for the 'right time' is an escape and an excuse--a procrastination enabler.  You're either going to do it or not--if you decide to do it, there's no reason to put if off til later.

This is precisely why now is always the right time to begin doing what you want to get done.  Not tomorrow, next week or next month--now, period. Delay is the enemy of getting things done.  Delay reduces your desire and therefore the likelihood that you will do anything at all.  This starts a vicious cycle where you procrastinate and delay and then feel guilty about doing so.  The irony is that it actually takes time to procrastinate-it takes time to think about something and then choose to postpone it once again!  The next time you're tempted to delay, try this instead: as soon as the thing you want done enters your mind, stop what you're doing (assuming you're not driving a car!) and start doing it right then and there.  Then immediately block out time on your calendar on a regular basis to devote to that goal or project until it's completed if it's a one time thing or until it becomes habitual and secondary if it's an ongoing goal like exercising.  After it becomes a habit, action doesn’t require as much self-propelled motivation because starting creates momentum!  If you’re thinking about doing it, proceed immediately to part 2 and get 'er done. But in order to get 'er done, you have to get 'er started. Don’t wait, just think then act...not later....NOW because now is always the right time!